Monday, April 24, 2006

Project for Homage to Maurizio Cattelan

(Lucky Bastard)
An ultrarealistic, life-sized sculpture of a meteorite, lying crippled on the floor after having been hit by a gigantic pope.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Something to be proud of.

Derf Magic Trick - Performed in Medeazza, March 2006

Somebody had to do it, so i stepped in: Now YouTube finally has a reason to be.
(ooh, and i even got my first comment! Glee!)

Friul East Film.

Can't sleep, so i guess i'll post some what-i've-done-tonight business. Which i realize is what people expect to see from a blog, but it's not like i've ever cared about what people etc.

Went to the Far East Film Festival opening night with Chuk tonight. Here's a picture i took of mr. Takashi Miike, who popped by before a HD projection of his banned tv special, Imprint. Nice, polite, friendly little man.

Um, a guy, Takashi Miike, another guy, and a guy-ette. Oh wait, the first guy is a guy-ette too.

Then the movie began, which was rather disquieting. The lady next to us covered her eyes or her mouth in alternation throughout the projection. The lady in front of us had to be escorted out halfway through. Chuk fell asleep.

It helps to say that since we got there a bit late for the first movie, Rules Of Dating ("don't take a girlfriend", the people in the soulseek ShibuyaMusic room had wisely suggested), we had decided to drown our disappointment in, oh, look, they're serving free wine in the back. Hardly anything gets done in Udine without free wine being served in the back. Believe me, i work there from time to time.

Sometime around here the beautifully anticlimatic first encounter with DoE occurred:
Me: "Carissima, come va?" (he then disappears)

(Yes, there's a link in there somewhere which i still haven't very well understood what to do about, if at all. Clarifications welcome.)

Word reached us that wine had run out when we had already nicked two or three bottles, carried them outside, and thus attracted a small but friendly group of likeminded people (Sometime around here DoE & co. caught up with us, coincidentally).

So this was the atmosphere when the time had finally come to walk into the nice big theatre hall. Inbetween there had been much mocking of much drunker bystanders in i've-never-seen-you-but-you're-my-best-friend mode, emocore eejits scribbling into their moleskines in self-built corners, and much singing in spanish or slovene. Very appropriate for an asian film festival, i assure you. Oh, and we had a toast.

Said toast was the first thing that asked to leave the room once the movie had begun. Luckily, it held on tight and i'm proud of how well it withstood adversities.
When all was done (and slashed and tortured), it was a worthwile experience after all. One of the most shocking and gruesome films i've seen, but the conclusion justified that, somehow. But i'm sure i won't want to see it again. Nor do i really recommend the experience.
Then the movie ended, the audience clapped and chuk woke up. I can't really say that we then all got up and left the room, it would be more appropriate to say that then we all got up and very carefully backed away from mr. Takashi.

Chuk, however, was undisturbed:

Upon realizing the impossibility of picking it up and carrying it away, the only rational thing to do was to have a picture taken whilst riding it.

We then left town and safely made our way back to Duino despite promises of further drink availability, while we still could. A wise move. And here i am, alive and sober.

Once i got home i found three chocolate pralines on my bed, carefully wrapped in a kitchen paper which i don't recognize as our own. Who knows, i may be a lucky man after all.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lindsay, Scherer, Sakamoto - It Only Has To Happen Once

From Ambitious Lovers' 1988 Greed album, one of my favourite songs. Also one of my favourite albums, as a matter of fact.

Live at the Apollo Theater, New York City, 1990
(Ambitious Lovers: Arto Lindsay - Vocals, guitar; Peter Scherer - Piano, Synclavier. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Guest Keyboardist)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Image of the day

People back in Arica sure have the clear picture of what's going on in Italy today.

(Backup image in case they realize what's going on)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

[repost] Santiago stencil and sticker art, 13 and 15 August 2005

Santiago stencil and sticker art, 13 and 15 August 2005

My Altervista account (per gli amici Signor Furpo) had expired some time ago. This morning i finally reactivated it, so you can probably expect some more content here soon. Or maybe not. Meanwhile, i uploaded this image gallery again. Enjoy!

(Edit: images are now linkable)

Passing thought

My best friend came to visit over the weekend. She left me a box of cadbury's creme eggs. I'm not sure whether i should eat them or rather put them in an incubator and see if something good hatches.


What members of Trabant do when they're not enlightening the masses with their music.

Above: Don Chuckuzzo, relaxing with style on a sunday afternoon.
Not pictured: Oppressed workers, digging holes in the ground just because he felt like giving them orders.

Spot the webmaster (almost)

CoglOuting, Rome, 4/4/06
Or rather, spot the webmaster's good friend. But i'm in there too. Somehow.
(explanation here - lots more stuff here)

Imaginary conversation (or: maybe this duchamp obsession is starting to show)

me: "it's lucky Duchamp didn't have his mum around while preparing the Large Glass."
other me: "Why's that?"
me: "she would've kept polishing the dust off."

(cut to robin giggling to himself while passers-by stare at him as if he was a madman)