Thursday, October 25, 2007

And then, suddenly

Crowd inside Teatro Miela before Trabant concert/launch party

The webmaster comes on stage for the encore playing surprise guest air guitar impossible parts. Special thanks to Elena for sending me the pictures and for being the only person this decade who's managed to make me look good in a photo. And to Trabant of course for the graceful surprise invitation.

And this one is from
There's also a video of the event online somewhere but there's no way i'm linking to that.

Crowd outside Teatro Miela after Trabant concert/launch party

And hardly a week after holding a sold-out concert before 450 people and publishing their debut LP, what does Trabant go on to do? They go and win Italia Wave of course. And i can't help mentioning how adorably surprised they are about all this attention, wondering why people want to have them come and play concerts outside their region and giving good reviews a suspicious look because you never know, it might just be an elaborate joke from their friends.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update for other people

I realize i should post a little info about what i've been doing lately instead of hopping around the continent and blogging. But i have my priorities - there's much to be told but i'd rather talk about what other people have been up to first. All sorts of interesting stuff has been going on around here!


For starters, i'll be in Teatro Miela in Trieste tonight for the launch of Trabant's first album. Yes, it finally came out! Reviews are everywhere! And the funny thing is, most of the reviews compare them to bands that have only started to show up in the year that passed between the album's being recorded and its publication, but i digress. It's tremendously exciting for me to see a band i've been loving for so long get the appreciation it deserves, and tonight we're going to celebrate that fact. I'll probably be going around with a video camera in the immediate pre- and post-concert moments, so if you also show up you'll have a good reason to avoid me. There, that last bit was the best publicity for a gig i could ever write.

So what else is good in this boot-shaped country?

So as i said, Trabant's album came out and it's rather good (i'm not that biased in that if i hadn't liked it i would have immediately started bothering chuk about it), but what else is good in the italian indie scene? You're in luck, my dear imaginary reader who asks rhetorical questions, for said scene has been enjoying a most exciting rebirth for the good part of a year already. One specific work i feel the obligation to point out is the debut album from My Awesome Mixtape which you can listen to in its entirety here. It's been a constant soundtrack here at WGD Central for the past month or so (along with the new flaming lips live album, the FPM greatest hits double album, and the usual healthy doses of beefheart and P5) with its somber moods and essential arrangements. All the more fitting if you consider how much this summer had been shaped by their more party-oriented EP whose main single, The Painter And The Anthropologist, has a title which seemed to be constructed especially to make me fall in deep deep geeky love with it.

speaking of this summer...

I've uploaded another video from our August Guča Adventures. Featuring: More dancing! More musicians! More macedonians! And more Mitko! Click here to view, 'cause i can't be bothered to embed it right now.

Not related but still most notable

The 17th of July has been a rather eventful day, not just because of our shenanigans at Italia Wave, which was just starting that day to everyone's amazement. It was also the day former members of one of my favourite bands ever, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, decided to (temporarily?) reform. They met up at bass player Sr.Flavio's radio show where they talked about old times and most importantly performed some of their old favourites for an hour or three. The whole historical event can be downloaded at pleasure from Vito Rivelli's marvellous lfcrarezas website. Whether the reunion was really temporary or a sign of new adventures starting remains to be seen. But Fabulosos Calavera continues to be one of the best albums ever published, so whatever they decide to do is fine by me.

Pinochet Update
click to enlarge, dude

oh, and speaking of Latin America, My Father sent me this image the other day.
And no, considering who i got it from it is definitely not in bad taste.

That's all for now. I'll soon be updating again with links to stuff i've done. Forgive me for linking to interesting things instead.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

First thought of the day

Knowledge (and, if possible, a demographic) of how much people are paying for the new radiohead album is definitely more valuable than the album itself.

Actually, i'm pretty certain that somewhere in the world there must be someone who's thinking of how to hack the website just to get that information.

UPDATE: This website asks people how much they paid, but very cheekily doesn't give the results (unless you're one of the people who gave them the info for free). And it's very cheekily been set up by an online magazine which also does music business consulting. How unsurprising.