Monday, February 27, 2006

she's too much for my mirror/my human gets me blues

Barry just linked this but i want to do it too. Who needs to be original anyway? Especially now that i've discovered you can actually put these on your own blog. All hail YouTube, for it holds untold riches.

I'd post the lyrics too, but i'm too sleepy.

So. Us. Up.

No point blogging about the weekend considering how reports are all around the interweb thing. Stuff is indeed going on in this remote corner behind Slovenia. Just step beyond the castle moat and smell the white crocodiles.
And meanwhile, arto lindsay ikue mori and zeena parkins play out of my winamp, and noise has never sounded sweeter.
My absence from this website has gone largely unnoticed, mainly by myself. I do still show up elsewhere nonetheless.
The plan was to relate progress of the thesis thing. Which exists, but i have this primordial fear of bad people creeping into this blog from the internet at night and stealng all my stupid little ideas, and the next day i would wake up and find other people holding them around and only then would i realize how stupid they actually were.
Or how clever, which would be so much worse.
So change of plans, which isn't such a great loss after all: how many blogposts on marcel duchamp could one possibly write? And please nobody take that as a challenge.

(C'est le jour 5. Pédale, S.Ouducul, trouvére. Selon mon calendrier 'pataphysique.)

That, and bumping into more people with websites this weekend. Although one of which i was too shy to talk to even when the occasion arose.

So just to make this look tidier, i may or may not be found in the following times and places over the next few weeks:

friday 3 march - craj in
wednesday, 8 march - cuzqueña in
saturday, 11 march - big uk webcomic thing
wednesday, 15 march - fr luzzi in iguana.ts
friday, 17 march - exploring northitalian östalgie in

And luckily i won't be in milan on the 25th, 'cause that stuff just didn't happen and all this is more than enough.

In the meantime, i will be in the middle of a bridge, with Union on one end and Lasko on the other, and running from one side to the other so that neither spills or whatever.

And Arto/Ikue/Zeena (in alphabetical order) just finished, and Esquivel!, of all people, came on. So i guess it's time to turn this machine off and catch some sleep. Which is one thing i've been missing out on lately.

Coming soon: pictures of me with a wig. Maybe.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here, it begins.

Images From Salvador Allende

A movie by Patricio Guzmán.

"Aquí comienza lo más dificil."
-Salvador Allende, letter to a schoolgirl few days after winning presidency.

The webmaster has started his final draft of thesis, and will be updating this blog accordingly over the next Months.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My third-latest translation

Can be read online here. It was probably the toughest i've ever done, and i still cringe a little when reading some passages, but the deadline was tight.
Only later though did i find out the original had been written by one of my favourite bass players.

Luckily, the two translations i did today at work were much easier.
But never as fun.

Meanwhile, on the Winamp: Elis Regina - Aguas De Março(solo version)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Why i try not to stay at home in the morning.

Scene: kitchen, ten minutes ago.

Me: Where's the toaster?
Him: Oh, it started making black smoke.
Me: So where is it?
Him: I threw it out of the window.
Me: And...?
Him: And i had some cake instead.

Best. Post-Exam. Presents. Ever.

I have a soft spot for presents that still have a price tag on them.
Oh! and the pig grunts if you close its mouth! And it was full of chocolate eggs! How cool is that??

Later that night:
Me: I've found out that if i drink less, i remember more stuff.
Her: Yes, Robin, you already told me that.

Highlight from an exam. Or: Luckily, he didn't get it

Me: So this part of Aeneas's monologue is built up as a plea to the Dryads...
Teacher: Not the Dryads, it's the Naïads.
Me: You're right, these are not the Dryads we're looking for.

(Epilog: i passed anyway.)