Monday, November 29, 2004

Circuladô de fulô

A nice analysis of Caetano Veloso's version of Haroldo de Campos' text, Circuladô de fulô, available at UbuWeb(Mp3 included).
Grossly overlooked by some(i.e. myself), Ubuweb is also the definitive home of the famous 365 days project.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

About that last post...

Yes, that's the saturday download.
I'll explain it later.

And now for something completely different.

1.Un Chien Andalou, Buenos Aires/Paris, 1928
2.Luigi Russolo - Risveglio Di Una Città (approx. 1921)
3.Captain Beefheart - Fallin' Ditch ('90s reading)
4.Brian Eno - Matta (1986)
5.Perez Prado and Rosemary Clooney - Mack The Knife(Brecht/Weill) (1959)

Fallin' Ditch

When I get lonesome the wind begin t' moan
When I trip fallin' ditch
Somebody wanna' throw the dirt right down
When I feel like dyin' the sun come out
'n stole m' fear 'n gone
Who's afraid of the spirit with the bluesferbones
Who's afraid of the fallin' ditch
Fallin' ditch ain't gonna get my bones
How's that for the spirit
How's that for the things
Ain't my fault the thing's gone wrong
'n when I'm smilin' my face wrinkles up real warm
'n when um frownin' things just turn t' stone
Fallin' ditch ain't gonna get my bones
'n when I get lonesome the wind begin t' moan
Fallin' ditch ain't gonna get my bones

1969, Don Van Vliet a.k.a. Captain Beefheart

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Arto Interviewed

"Portuguese is a most graceful language, and the portuguese are a most respectable nation." -V.I.Lenin
"Brazilian portuguese is beautiful, portuguese portuguese sounds like russian." -Arto Lindsay

Over 70 minutes of videos of Arto Lindsay being interviewed, at this link
Arto goes through most of his career, with interesting commentaries on the contemporary brazilian dance scene, the early eighties new york improv scene, the late seventies new york punk scene and the brazilian language.
One of the best things i've seen online in quite a while.
(Tnx to kackatoon for pointing it out to me, and to Realalternative for working well, once in a while)

Monday, November 22, 2004

Job Proposal

An extended version of this job proposal reached my desk this afternoon.
I'll have to reply with a firm "Thanks, but No Thanks."

no comment (almost)

It's about this photo.
I watched the scene on the news and the first thing i thought was "Why are they wearing their ponchos sideways?" Ladies and gentlemen, a poncho is not worn that way. My father echoed my thoughts by commenting: "Don't their throats itch if they wear them like that??"
Later on i saw the picture online, and realized something. Those depicted are not traditional Chilean ponchos. Putin's in particular is nothing more than a mantlepiece with a slit in the middle. Worn sideways.

My theory is that this is actually President Lagos's cunning plan to ridiculize them in front of the whole world. I appreciate the effort, but they're doing well enough on their own.

And anyway, that same picture is also recieving some amusing attention over at KillUglyRadio.

(The reason i only linked to the picture instead of posting it here directly is that this blog looks bad enough already, thank you.)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saturday Download: some confusion.

It has been kindly pointed out to me that today is sunday. I was living in the complete certainty that it was a saturday. This means last night was not a friday night. Kind of changes my view of things.
Anyway, it also means i accidentally skipped a saturday download, so without further ado:

Smokey & Miho - Live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic (July 25, 2002), 192kps Mp3, 38'39", approx. 55Mb (yep, it's a big one)

This one's quite self-explicative.
All you need to know is that Smokey(who has played guitar for Tom Waits and Beck, among others) and Miho(who has been and probably still is a member of Cibo Matto and Gorillaz, besides having worked with anyone from John Zorn to the Beastie Boys) perform together as a tribute to Baden Powell and Vinicius DeMoraes's historical Os Afro-Sambas album. Which is one of the most beautiful things ever recorded, and everybody should go out and track down a copy, and since this humble website isn't worthy of hosting the mp3s of that album, we'll make do with the next best thing.

Smokey and Miho are:

Miho Hatori - vocals
Smokey Hormel - acoustic guitar, vocals


Joey Waronker - drums
Mauro Refosco - percussion
Sebastian Steinberg - bass
Jon Birdsong - horns
Ganda - Backing vocals

1-Ocean in your eyes (Smokey and Miho)
2-Consolacao (Baden Powell/Vinicius DeMoraes)
3-Tempo de amor (Baden Powell/Vinicius DeMoraes)
4-Capoeira (Jorge Ben)
5-Orixa & Yemanja (Baden Powell/Vinicius DeMoraes)
6-Canto do caboclo pedra preta (Baden Powell/Vinicius DeMoraes)

official site

Friday, November 19, 2004

another big dilemma

I keep trying to "read" this site vertically as if it were a comic book.
The question is: is this because i'm obsessed with cats or because i'm obsessed with comic books?
WHatever the answer may be, it's rather indicative of how messed up my brain is.

(anyway, the story gets too confused after a while and there are too many characters to follow around. But that's just my impression.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Ok, managed to get my blogger dashboard in english again. Feels much better now.


I would like to apologize about not blogging enough about what's going on in Duino.
The fact that all four of my email providers currently classify any "save the uwcad" mails as spam is a good enough explanation. But i guess i ought to offer a better one one of these days.
Anyway, in the meanime, you can read this other blog from duino. Soon to feature pictures of Yours Truly.

(Apparently, i'm not the only one not to be able to keep quiet about having a blog when drunk. Clap clap to me for remembering the URL.)

News from Keigo

Mr. Oyamada, a.k.a. CORNELIUS, writes:

Keigo writes:

I recently recorded w/ Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sketch Show and did a remix of Kings Of Convenience. Next week I'll be recording w/ Arto Lindsay. I've started recording for my new album.

I also performed live with Human Audio Sponge (ex. Yellow Magic Orchestra) at the Sonar Festival in Tokyo.

Recently, I was robbed.

Top 10 Things That Were Stolen
1. Robert Moog Etherwave Therimin
2. Korg Chaos Pad II
3. Gibson Les Paul Recording
4. Teisco Spectrum 5
5. Steinberger Fretless Bass
6. Cash (about $2,000.)
7. Ephiphone Casino
8. Korg Micro Control
9. CDJ 1000
10. Lottery Tickets (10 tickets)

(source: Matador Records.)

The webmaster is trying not to cry of joy.

the webmaster is listening to one of two P5 remixes of their songs, which is not at this moment so important, because on


Napoleon Murphy Brock - Lead Vocals, Saxophones
Roy Estrada - Vocals, Bass
Bunk Gardner - Saxophones
Don Preston - vocals, keyboards and synthesizers

with musical guests
Ken Rosser - Guitars
Christopher Garcia - Drumset, marimba, vocals


and evaristo will be there of course
and is unmentionably happy about this right now.

Remember: you heard this here first.
And this weekend i'll post something from japan *and* from new york *and* from the rest of the world(ok, just brazil again) to celebrate by listening to. You'll enjoy. And so will i.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004

Die Etiketten des Chateau Mouton Rothschild seit 1945

Chagall, Kandinsky, Matta, Warhol, Motherwell, Mirò, Steinberg, Alethinsky, Masson, Tchelitchew, Haring, Picasso, Braque, Villon, Dalì. And so on.

Good wine (i assume), good art, good taste.

Link of the day

Saul Steinberg, Untitled, 1971.
Ink on music paper, 14 1/4 x 20 1/8".

The Saul Steinberg Foundation is where most information can be found about one of the greatest, if not the greatest 20th century cartoonist. Which may seem like hyperbole if you're not familiar with his name, but is actually not pushing the point hard enough. The site's Life And Work section puts it better:
"Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) was one of America’s most beloved artists(...)."
Which i still don't actually feel sounds good enough. But it'll do. Just go there and check out his pictures, then go looking for more online*. Well worth it.

*Here, for example.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

First major report on torture and political assassination during the chilean military regime presented.

Links via google news:
Chile's torture report finalised - BBC News
Chile completes terror regime report - The Washington Times
Chile: Pinochet crimes to be exposed for the first time - Pravda
Daughter rues Pinochet-era abuses - BBC News

Violeta Parra - La Carta

Me mandaron una carta
por el correo temprano,
en esa carta me dicen
que cayó preso mi hermano,
y sin lástima, con grillos,
por la calle lo arrastraton, sí.

La carta dice el motivo
de haber prendido a Roberto
haber apoyado el paro
que ya se había resuelto.
Si acaso esto es um motivo
presa también voy, sargento, sí.

Yo que me encuentro tan lejos
esperando una noticia,
me viene a decir la carta
que em mi patria no ha justicia,
los hambrientos piden pan,
plomo les da la milicia, sí.

De esta manera pomposa
quieren conservar su asiento
los de abanico y de frac,
sin tener merecimiento,
van y vienen de la iglesia
y olvidan los mandamientos, sí.

Habráse visto insolencia,
barbarie y alevosía,
de presentar el trabuco
y matar a sangre fría
a quien defensa no tiene
con las dos manos vacías, sí.

La carta que he recibido
me pide contestación,
yo pido que se propale
por toda la población,
que el "león" es un sanguinario
en toda generación, sí.

Por suerte tengo guitarra
para llorar mi dolor,
también tengo nueve hermanos
fuera del que se m'engrilló,
los nueve son comunistas
con el favor de mi Dios, sí.

Violeta Parra- La Carta - 128kps mp3 - 2.66Mb

Come back next week for the originally scheduled mp3 download.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Caetano live

See & Hear Caetano Veloso And Orchestra Live at this link.

Small question: why was my blogger dashboard in italian today? This was most definitely wrong.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Boom! One day your graphics card goes boom.
Which means i'm currently accessing my pc via a remote desktop program, triggering it to work from a distance.
It also means i need to buy a new graphics card, thus making me even less wealthy. (Money should start knocking on my door again by the end of the month, so don't fear. I'm not organizing any fundraisers, yet.)

To you, it mainly means i'll be updating even less then usual, since being online like this is becoming quite a nuisance.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

what makes me tick

My afternoon plans were ruined by Gnapppo, who redirected me to this archive of contemporary art sound and video files. Am currently downloading the video(?) of John Cage's 4'33''.

All this brought me to some reflections, such as:
Should we define a surrealist to be anyone who proclaims himself as such, or just anyone who Breton considered a surrealist? In the second case, we would have to study Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin as surrealists. And not Salvador Dalì.
My realization of this made me do the happy dance around my room, and proceed to change my study schedule even more.

"Everything we do is music"
-John Cage

Saturday download, the third.

Arto Lindsay played in padova last saturday, but since i'm very, very poor i couldn't go to see him. So instead i'll just upload this radio broadcast of an excerpt from a gig he did this summer. and link to his website, which was recently updated completely. About time, too.

Arto Lindsay Trio live in Saafelden, 27 august 2004.
1 - Habite em mim (Lindsay/Gibbs) 4:38 - 128kps Mp3 4.25Mb
2 - Over/Run (Lindsay/Levin) 3:13 - 128kps Mp3 2.95Mb
3 - Maneiras (Zeca Pagodinho) 4:26 - 128kps Mp3 4.07Mb
4 - Into Shade (Lindsay/Santana*) 4:50 - 128kps Mp3 4.43Mb
5 - O Mais Belo Dos Belos (Guiguio) 5:06 - 128kps Mp3 4.68Mb
6 - Radio outro 0.16 - 128kps Mp3 0.25Mb

The band:
Arto Lindsay - Electric guitar, vocals
Melvin Gibbs - Bass
Micah Gaugh - Keyboards, sax

Next week Caetano is playing in italy, but i'm not wealthy enough to go to that, either. Damn.
WGD Central will now devote the rest of the day to watching some Marx Brothers movies and continue trying to forget about Bush.

*Lucas, not Carlos

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Formalist

Since i haven't linked to many comics recently, go and read E-merl's The Formalist, a potentially infinite hypercomic.

Also: Get one of these for your kid! The perfect gift for the post-nuclear family.

in an ideal world...

In my ideal world, the 2004 election ballots would be counted by a giant supercomputer. After some time the machine's loudspeakers would bellow:
(pause for suspence)
"...AL GORE!"
and everybody would be like: "huh?"
and then the machine(who of course, in case this wasn't already clear, would also be a giant robot)would speak again:
(everbody sighs of relief)

and two CIA guys at the back would look at each other and say "whoops!"

Monday, November 01, 2004

In Pancevo

The town of Pancevo, Serbia is the home of GRRR!- International Comics Festival. IndyMagazine offers a very nice photoreportage of this year's edition from one of the guests.

"Urbaniturbani (yes, it means "Urban Turban") the radio station, was covering GRRR! in some detail. Much later that Saturday, a crowd of drunken cartoonists took over the station at midnight and played music more to their taste long into the small hours ..."

Also on Indymagazine: Election comics by Art Spiegelman, Joe Sacco and Willem.
I remember seeing a small exposition of Willem's works about a year ago in Rome and it shocked me to see the level of anticlericalism in some of his works, considering they were literally at a stone's throw from the vatican. But then again, they were exposed in an anarchist bookshop specialized in avantgarde manifestos from the twenties, so i should have known what to expect.

Post Scriptum: don't miss the Art Spiegelman Interview linked from that same site. Interesting views on what it's like to be a mouse in a world of lizards. These are the symbolisms i love the most.