Saturday, November 06, 2004

Saturday download, the third.

Arto Lindsay played in padova last saturday, but since i'm very, very poor i couldn't go to see him. So instead i'll just upload this radio broadcast of an excerpt from a gig he did this summer. and link to his website, which was recently updated completely. About time, too.

Arto Lindsay Trio live in Saafelden, 27 august 2004.
1 - Habite em mim (Lindsay/Gibbs) 4:38 - 128kps Mp3 4.25Mb
2 - Over/Run (Lindsay/Levin) 3:13 - 128kps Mp3 2.95Mb
3 - Maneiras (Zeca Pagodinho) 4:26 - 128kps Mp3 4.07Mb
4 - Into Shade (Lindsay/Santana*) 4:50 - 128kps Mp3 4.43Mb
5 - O Mais Belo Dos Belos (Guiguio) 5:06 - 128kps Mp3 4.68Mb
6 - Radio outro 0.16 - 128kps Mp3 0.25Mb

The band:
Arto Lindsay - Electric guitar, vocals
Melvin Gibbs - Bass
Micah Gaugh - Keyboards, sax

Next week Caetano is playing in italy, but i'm not wealthy enough to go to that, either. Damn.
WGD Central will now devote the rest of the day to watching some Marx Brothers movies and continue trying to forget about Bush.

*Lucas, not Carlos