Thursday, November 18, 2004

News from Keigo

Mr. Oyamada, a.k.a. CORNELIUS, writes:

Keigo writes:

I recently recorded w/ Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sketch Show and did a remix of Kings Of Convenience. Next week I'll be recording w/ Arto Lindsay. I've started recording for my new album.

I also performed live with Human Audio Sponge (ex. Yellow Magic Orchestra) at the Sonar Festival in Tokyo.

Recently, I was robbed.

Top 10 Things That Were Stolen
1. Robert Moog Etherwave Therimin
2. Korg Chaos Pad II
3. Gibson Les Paul Recording
4. Teisco Spectrum 5
5. Steinberger Fretless Bass
6. Cash (about $2,000.)
7. Ephiphone Casino
8. Korg Micro Control
9. CDJ 1000
10. Lottery Tickets (10 tickets)

(source: Matador Records.)