Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Completely random update post

As you may have noticed, i've been rather busy lately. Which accounts for the lack of updates around here.

The type content on this website has been rather erratic over the past years. It started out as a sort of diary-like thing as i suppose most blogs begin. Then when i realized that reading about other people's lives on the internet is about as boring as an unsuccessful comparison, the blog started to center more on stuff that i found interesting, links and the like. I don't link much to interesting articles, websites, etc. anymore mainly because i've started to use quite conspiciously over the last few months. Here's a link to my account. I'll eventually add it to the sidebar. I wish i could have direct links to pages on the sidebar like pino, for one, has. But i assume that's not really possible on a lowly blogspot template.

Just to contradict what i just wrote, here are two links i found interesting today:

  • Momus reviews Cornelius' new single. I didn't think i'd ever say this nor probably will i ever again, but in this specific case i could not possibly agree more with Momus' opinion. (Although i obviously appreciated the Point album much more than he did)

(There's also another reason i'm not posting many links to cool stuff anymore - said reason will be revealed in a month or two, but i can assure you it's something cool)

While we're here, sorry about all the conversation snippets i've been posting lately. I realize they may be found uninteresting or incomprehensible, but that's just the way things go. There's no telling how things will evolve here but usually it's just stuff happening randomly and ending up on the internet. Although i do admit i may have been toying with the idea of giving a completely different twist to this blog, but as i said, there's no telling.

(If you've read until here, please notice that this has been a really long post centering basically on "sorry for not posting")

Also, i've had a cold lately. Was brought a lemsip few minutes ago. Plus a glass of lemonade "while the lemsip cools down". As i gulped on the lemonade, the cat on my lap watched me with compassion, still puzzling over why us humans insist on wasting time by eating with utensils and opposable thumbs instead of just using the mouth like he does, which is so much more practical. Can't blame him. Of course, this is the same feline quadruped who leaves in a huff if fed from anything other than his own personal bowl. So it's all relative.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekdown Endload: Start Wearing Purple

Location: ShagooFest, last week.
Her: Did you see that guy's T-shirt? "Start wearing purple". It's true, more people should wear purple.
Me: Hey, i wear purple all the time!
Her: Yeah, but you're Robin. You don't count.

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (128kps 5Mb Mp3)

The Webmaster once almost saw Gogol Bordello live but since the drummer had broken his arm he went to a party instead. And what a party that was.

Monday, September 11, 2006

YouTube Goodness - The Beatles

I knew it was on YouTube somewhere. And of course i found multiple copies. The following is, hands-down, my favourite Beatles live performance. (Second favourite is Paperback Writer live at the Budokan, which is sadly absent online. Pure energy in that one.) Paul screaming, George messing up the backing vocals and laughing, John playing keyboards with his elbow. Ringo...well, just being Ringo which is what we all love him for. This one is dedicated to all those who think pre-Revolver Beatles aren't worthy of their time. Think again.

So without further ado:
The Beatles - I'm Down - Live at Shea Stadium, 15.8.65

The alternative was handing it to the lost and found.

J: What happened?
C: Robin found a beer.
J: You found a beer?
R: Yeah, i found a beer.
A: (arrives) What's up?
R: I found a beer.
A: You found what?
R: A beer.
C: He found a beer.
J: So what?
R: So i drank it.

I also tasted my first ever tofu yesterday, thanks to these guys.
It wasn't bad, but i expected it to come as a little cube and dance around like in all those anime.

Update: bands i saw at the festival that are worth checking out, quite surprisingly because i don't usually listen to this kind of stuff:
Exit Failure,
Inner Glory,
Ornaments. <--particularly good

Thursday, September 07, 2006

In Memory of C's defunct cellphone

C: My cellphone broke down this morning, i had to buy another one.
R: How did it happen?
C: I walked into a shop and bought it.
R: No, i mean the old one breaking part.
C: A bottle of conditioner i was carrying in my bag broke open and swallowed it.
R: I understand. I lost a relative that way once.
C: What?

(Disclaimer: perhaps a small portion of this conversation may have been made up)

This image has no relation whatsoever with the above conversation. It's only here because it made me laugh. Please ignore it. (Tnx to Kombatt)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two in one.
Last night's dream and: Later, in the library.

Last Night's Dream:
I dreamt that one of The Residents had died, and when they took his mask off it turned out he was Wolfgang Flür.

Later, In The Library:
Him: "What about her? Do you like her?"
Me: "Are you crazy? She's thirty! That's only one digit away from forty!"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Could be worse.

Trieste, 30.8.06

(No, not really.)

Sgonico, 1.9.06


Friday, September 01, 2006

Another weekend, another download.

So i had this wierd dream. Some friends and i had been asked to list two or three songs that should be used to remember us when we're dead. The only one i remember choosing was this one, definitely an odd choice:
Pizzicato Five - Collision and Improvisation (Dizzy Fugu Mix) (Remixed by Maxwell Implosion) (128kps Mp3, 5.57Mb)
Actually, the stevereichesque opening marimba loop added to a Piero Umiliani sample makes the tune quite appropriate for such a destination. I like it. I'll go with it.

(No, Stevereichesque is not a word. I just made it up. Please avoid using it in future, i promise i will too.)