Friday, May 26, 2006


The webmaster is leaving for Rome in a few hours.
What follows is a bunch of stuff culled from a day's frantic preparation.

Wierd Al Yankovic - Genius In France

"While I've never been a big fan of long solos, I've always admired Frank Zappa's compositional acumen, which I studied religiously while writing my Zappa homage, 'Genius In France.' To create my 'style parodues', I dissect my favourite artists' work and try to step into their shoes and, i hope, create a composition not unlike something they might have done themselves. I felt extra pressure doing that with Zappa; he's one of my all-time heroes and, frankly, I didn't want to screw it up. One reason 'Genius' is nine minutes long is that Frank's style consists of so many components, I felt it would do him a disservice to try to emulate it in three or four minutes. And he'll always have a wam place in my heart for categorically proving to the unwashed masses once and for all that humor really does belong in music." -Wierd Al Yankovic,
Relix Magazine, April/May '06

The Webmaster, Saturday 20th May. With mystery accomplice. your favourite color?

Friday, 26 May dinner with Faveromane. 1st Fr/Gluteo summit.
Saturday, 27 May Vega/Chuk cumulative B-Day celebration. Why in Rome? Why not? Mind your own business.
Sunday, 28 May Zappa Plays Zappa at teatro tenda striscle and/or centrale del tennis.
Monday, 29 May aperitaviti. Strong chances of Nacci.
Tuesday, 30 May Roma-Udine-Duino-And Maybe Medeazza.

This weekend will also see the conclusion of an 18-month project still currently under wraps. Codename TAME. This was a secret message, ingest after reading.

The party that wasn't there. 19.05.06

(The mp3 linked to above doesn't really work. The webmaster doesn't really care. Find it on P2P.)

Me: Why do you always doubt my words?
Her: I've only known you for three hours! Tourlog
Dweezil inca roads solo 49mb quicktime video (this one works)

I hope to catch at least one of these exhibitions (gnapppo preparati)

(it's creative freedom, but it feels good after all)

Sometimes knowing you have four hours of sleep ahead feels like such a luxury.
(just got back from giving a present to a tree. But i didn't have the time to return certain library books)

Her: The cat's still here? I'll put it out.
Me: But he's my alarm clock!

I'm starting to suspect that my map of rome may have been in london for the past year and a half. (Which must be why i can't find it)