Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nobody else is doing it so i guess i might as well should.

Three upcoming events i may or may not attend, but which have not yet recieved enough online attention (as if this blog was of any help):

UdineJazz - June 15 to July 20
(i'll try not to miss bob fripp and his crew. Uri Caine also looks good. I'll go for James Brown if it's not to expensive because, c'mon, he's James friggin' Brown for christ's sake.)

Vocalia Brasil - Maniago(PN) 10 to 20 May
(Rosa Passos coming so close to home is quite a surprise. Don't want to miss that. And Rosalia De Souza maybe, if nothing else emerges on that particular night)

ICE-Z 2 - Rome, 9-10 June
(Most probably won't make it since i'll already have been in rome for ZpZ two weekends earlier. Pity, the conferences look mighty swell. And Zappa-themed parties are something i've always wished for. To think i could have been a speaker at this, if i'd wanted to.)

Plus one i most absolutely won't be attending:
Keith Jarrett Live - Teatro La Fenice, Venezia - 19 July
Check out those prices!
Main seats, 120-190 euros
Low visibility 60 euros
No visibility/listeners only: 40 euros.When news of this came out, all sorts of hilarity ensued. Actually, it was just a matter of time.
Come to think of it, i should show up just to make fun of the audience.