Friday, February 29, 2008

Just like when you fold a piece in paper in two so many times that it just disappears into a tiny parallel dimension.

Half of the times i say i'm reading a book, i'm actually reading comics.
Half of the times i say i'm reading comics, i'm actually reading webcomics.

Friday Cat Blogging

When in doubt...

Sometime in august 2007.
I'll post a newer one, one of these days.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The webmaster loves his parents.

Lunchtime, yesterday.
My Father: I gave the cat a gigantic chicken wing, did he eat it?
My Mother: Yep, gobbled it up. I'm surprised he left the bone.
My Father: Well, that means your cooking must be improving.

Bonus links:
John Cleese Interviewed (Via NewsFromMe)
Stunningly beautiful site where children's drawings are recreated as photographs (Via Neil Gaiman's Journal)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Link of the day(s)

David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars

I've kept a tab this in an open tab for over two months, marked for "immediate reading". I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. All i know it's David Byrne, writing about new models for musical distribution. Which is more than worth a read.
Go along now and read it before i do.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Attention Italian Music Lovers

New Elio e le Storie Tese single/video:

New album on the 20th of February, sold mostly in unconventional places (newsagents and internets. Ok, record shops too).

Which is one of the reasons i haven't been able to keep up with my one-post-per-day project: work got in the way.
I don't usually post too much about work here on the blog, mainly because it would feel like selling out in a "have a look at the cool stuff i get paid for making you look at" way. But lately i've found myself in the unexpected position of working on projects so innovative and stimulating that i spend most of my time thinking about them even when i'm not working, and am just as surprised about how this actually feels quite good.
And of course when i say i'm "working on the projects" it goes without saying that my position in the project is slightly lower than "janitor's clumsy helper".

Another reason i haven't been posting is that in my previous post i broke one of the golden rules of blogging regularly: never announce a post for later that day, because if you do you'll be jinxed and will be lucky if you post again that month.