Monday, November 01, 2004

In Pancevo

The town of Pancevo, Serbia is the home of GRRR!- International Comics Festival. IndyMagazine offers a very nice photoreportage of this year's edition from one of the guests.

"Urbaniturbani (yes, it means "Urban Turban") the radio station, was covering GRRR! in some detail. Much later that Saturday, a crowd of drunken cartoonists took over the station at midnight and played music more to their taste long into the small hours ..."

Also on Indymagazine: Election comics by Art Spiegelman, Joe Sacco and Willem.
I remember seeing a small exposition of Willem's works about a year ago in Rome and it shocked me to see the level of anticlericalism in some of his works, considering they were literally at a stone's throw from the vatican. But then again, they were exposed in an anarchist bookshop specialized in avantgarde manifestos from the twenties, so i should have known what to expect.

Post Scriptum: don't miss the Art Spiegelman Interview linked from that same site. Interesting views on what it's like to be a mouse in a world of lizards. These are the symbolisms i love the most.