Sunday, October 31, 2004


The wisest suggestion i've heard about election night goes something like this: buy large amounts of alcohol to celebrate or to forget.
As for me, not knowing whether the time zone will be appropriate for such activities and probably not being able to afford them in the first place, all i'll do is get ready for the worst to happen.
I'm not very optimistic about how things will go this time around, all i can say is that i really, really hope to be proved wrong.

Oh, but i have a couple of suggestions anyway(as if anybody cared): why not watch this movie and then listen to this interview? Or vice versa.

"We're talking about having our own personal Ceausescu here. His name will be easier to pronounce of course, probably it's gonna be a one-syllable word. Like Bush, or Quayle, or something like that. But the result is the same."

-F. Zappa, interviewed by J.B.Peterson, 21 June 1990

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