Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yefimov's History Lesson

Boris Yefimov, The History Lesson (1941)

'I do not intend to take a rest from politics. Nor will you. You'll continue drawing your cartoons because you do it well'
-Leon Trotsky,shortly before his exile in 1928, in conversation with Boris Yefimov.

Although i'm still trying to find out about the existence and eventual availability of comic books during Soviet Russia, the importance of satyrical cartoons from that period is universally recognized. Today, for example, i have come across this fascinating interview with Boris Yefimov, the now-104-year-old cartoonist who was active during the most oppressive years of Stalin's power.

Another cartoon of his and a very short biography can be found at this other site, which also mentions Yefimov's work on propaganda posters in the sixties.