Friday, October 22, 2004

The Tati - Belleville connection

Word has just reached me (Via the magazine Internazionale, thus justifying the renewal of my subscription) that Les Triplettes De Belleville director Sylvain Chomet's next project is based on L'Illusioniste, a recently discovered script written in the '50s by none other than the great Jacques Tati.

I have been wanting to see Les Triplettes De Belleville for quite some time already, having read great reviews most of which pointed at Tati as one of the influences in its making. But i didn't know the film was an all-out homage to the director, even making him appear in one of the scenes, as i discovered reading This Interview. So for these and other reasons it's gone way up to first place in my dvd's-to-buy list.

It is an added satisfaction to know that the L'Illusioniste project might also end up being the first full-length animated movie ever made in Scotland. Score one to my homeland.