Saturday, October 30, 2004

Saturday Download, vol.2: Genesis

I had a very clear idea about what to upload this week. Then i changed my mind. Then i changed my mind again. Then i uploaded both of the things i wanted to share, so it would be easier to make my mind up.
Then i realized i wasn't really in the mood for either of the selections i had chosen, and decided to upload something that just feels right in this moment.

So here you have the song Genesis, originally recorded by Jorma Kaukonen in 1974 for Quah, his first solo album, in the version that Cristina Donà gave us a few years ago, only available on a limited edition EP which happens to be in front of me while i'm typing this.

Cristina Donà - Genesis
Recorded in 2000 for the Goccia EP
Cristina Donà - vocals, egg shaker, trumpet
Davide Govelli - acoustic and electric guitars, barlock
4'48" 192kbps mp3, 6.6Mb

As a bonus, i'm including the original version:
Jorma Kaukonen - Genesis
Jorma Kaukonen - acoustic guitar
4'20'' 192kbps mp3, 5.97Mb

"At the time, my wife Margareta and I realized we were really miserable and we were trying to be happier together. I was writing a lot of true love songs - true love almost gone wrong but saved at the last moment. Some people have suggested that wouldn't it be nice if you could write songs like 'Genesis' all the time, and I always say 'Yeah, it would be, but it would be great not to have to be in the place I was when I wrote it.' Many of the best songs get written in a state of abject misery. I prefer to write fewer songs and have less cataclysmic events in my life."

-Jorma Kaukonen, from the Quah album liner notes.

Song Lyrics:


Time has come for us to pause
And think of living as it was
Into the future we must cross, must cross
I'd like to go with you
And I'd like to go with you
You say I'm harder than a wall
A marble shaft about to fall
I love you dearer than them all, them all
So let me stay with you
So let me stay with you
And as we walked into the day
Skies of blue had turned to grey
I might have not been clear to say, to say
I never looked away
I never looked away
And though I'm feeling you inside
My life is rolling with the tide
I'd like to see it be an open ride
Along with you
Going along with you
The time we borrowed from ourselves
Can't stay within a vaulted well
And living turns into a lender's will
So let me come with you
And let me come with you
And when we came out into view
And there I found myself with you
When breathing felt like something new, new
Along with you
Going along with you

Next week, one of the things i had originally chosen. Or not. Something completely different, anyway.