Sunday, October 24, 2004

Jury Duty

That latin american film festival i mentioned the other day? A bizarre turn of events landed me a place in the jury, with my nice badge, festival program and seven-day pass bundled in. Sweet.

To which i must add this small anecdote:
Five minutes ago i pop by the living room and find my mom relaxing in front of the tv. On the screen, a cop-looking couple fighting a bad guy with a knife.
Me: "What're you watching?"
Her: "Oh, those two german cops are finally catching the bad guy, who's an evil chilean expatriate."
Me: "For real??"
Her: "Yeah! And the cops just found out they're brother and sister, so now they can't fall in love with each other anymore."

Which completely spoiled the fun out of going to the festival, because no movie could beat the premises of the show my mother was watching on tv.