Monday, November 22, 2004

no comment (almost)

It's about this photo.
I watched the scene on the news and the first thing i thought was "Why are they wearing their ponchos sideways?" Ladies and gentlemen, a poncho is not worn that way. My father echoed my thoughts by commenting: "Don't their throats itch if they wear them like that??"
Later on i saw the picture online, and realized something. Those depicted are not traditional Chilean ponchos. Putin's in particular is nothing more than a mantlepiece with a slit in the middle. Worn sideways.

My theory is that this is actually President Lagos's cunning plan to ridiculize them in front of the whole world. I appreciate the effort, but they're doing well enough on their own.

And anyway, that same picture is also recieving some amusing attention over at KillUglyRadio.

(The reason i only linked to the picture instead of posting it here directly is that this blog looks bad enough already, thank you.)