Friday, May 07, 2004

Oh, and also...(Part two of three)

(Continued from here)

...So i get home, and my brother tells me:

"Guess what? The Telecom gnomes came. We have DSL now."

The first thing he did after that was to put me in front of the window and show me exactly how many electricity poles, phone lines and lampposts they had to climb up before finding the right connection. Presumably electrocuting each other several times in the process thus losing hard-earned bonus points.
Since i wasn't there while all of this happened, i can't help imagining the telecom technicians as Mario&Luigi lookalikes, with all their special jumping-actions and combined attacks. With the funny nippo-italian accent to boot.
My fantasies had already found confirmation in the fact that some weeks earlier, when the telecom pre-technician had come(a pre-technician is, as the name itself quite clearly indicates, a slightly smaller and monochrome technician), he realized he could do nothing without the technician and thus declared he would spend the rest of the day looking for mushrooms in the woods. Power-ups, i say.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we now have DSL and have had it for some weeks now. And therefore have downloaded an amount of songs, videos and movies that approaches infinity.
It was particularly satisfying to finally be able to watch an excerpt from Zappa's '93 soiree featuring The Chieftains, the Huun-Huur-Tu Tuvan Vocal Ensemble and Johnny Guitar Watson, as visible on A&E's 1994 Zappa biography.
Also, to boast possession over a copy of Jacques Tati's long-out-of-print final movie, the much underrated Trafic: a bizarre road-movie filmed in most european languages at the same time, thus avoiding the need to dub it for any foreign release. An ouvre that brings to mind Joyce's Finnegan's Wake and Cortazar's Los Autonautas De La Cosmopista(which i've half a mind to start reading again) in equal parts.
Needless to say, now that it's in my shared folder, every time anyone tries to download it from me via WinMX i activate them automatically. Such beauty must be shared.

Also, now my pc is constantly on and downloading tuesday night through sunday afternoon. Which isn't very good for my sleep, since the CPU ventilation is particularly loud.