Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oh! The hip talk these hip youngsters speak!

Online conversation with Gnapppo, this morning. (loosely translated and adapted from something like italian)

Gnapppo: I have a confession to make, you may not like it.
Evaristo: Well spit it out, son!
Gnap: Back at high school I used to hate Country House, by Blur
Eva: hahahaha
gn: because I'd watch the video on mtv every morning
gn: and then I had to go to school
e: the Damien Hirst video with the frolicking females?
gn: Guess so!
gn: does it have Damon Albaniarn in a bahtub?
e: Correct, and with a spoof of the Bohemian Rhapsody video in the acappella part
e: i loved that video myself. It also helped me win the rest of my class at school towards blur in the blur/oasis dispute, mainly thanks to the "girls in blur videos have better boobs" dogma.
gn: hahaha
gn: cazzo, that's right:
gn: we had the blur/oasis dispute
gn: our cousins had the spandau ballet/duran duran dispute
e: haha true (spandau wins, despite cuccurullo)
gn: our grandfathers had Luigi Russolo/Pierre Schaeffer
e: fyi, this whole conversation is gonna be translated and smacked on my blog
gn: hahahahaha=)

Well, i found it funny. Or maybe it's just one of those "you had to be there" moments.