Friday, April 08, 2005

Post re: Updates, lack of.

For the past week or so, i've been passing by this blog and frowning on the lack of updates. This morning i remembered that i'm actually the one who's supposed to be updating it. (Actually, i even had a wierd dream where Mitko showed up in a café and told me to upload more mp3s. I guess ghosts telling you to beware the ides of march just aren't fashionable in dreams anymore.)
So i guess i'll be more present around here, also because i've already uploaded tons of interesting stuff which it would be a pity not to share. Someday i might even explain what that last mp3 was all about.
Oh, and now that this has been implemented by blogger, posting should avoid certain frustrations i've had to suffer in the past. Frustrations that would sometimes lead me to abandon the blog for a week or so, which is why i never really got around to telling about the time i met Quino.

Now playing: Paris Match - Driving Home For Christmas.
(Yes, i'm listening to christmas songs. In april. Anything against that?)

UPDATE: while posting this, my browser went for the opposite and lost my post. After a while it let me enter blogger again and i used that "recover post" button. Guess what? It works! So everything related above is even more true. Except for the now playing bit, 'cause i'm listening to King Crimson's Discipline album now.