Thursday, June 02, 2005

New and exciting adventures in apathy

The scene: Bedroom, daytime. The webmaster is sitting at his computer, playing Microsoft Spider.
The phone rings, we do not hear the voice of the person on the other side of the line.

Robin: "Hey Fred. Yeah. No, no problem."
(while speaking, he continues playing cards on the computer screen)
Phone: "..." (inaudible)
Robin: "Tonight? I'd love to go, but i haven't studied all day, i-"
Phone: "..."
Robin: "Yeah, tomorrow would be better. We can take the six twenty bus so when we get to the osmizza there's still sunlight."
Phone: "..."
Robin: "I really couldn't today, i was hoping to start studying now actually"
Phone: "..."
Robin: "Oh yeah, that would be cool. Five, five thirty tomorrow afternoon then. Yeah, sounds good."
Phone: "..."
Robin: "Ok."
Phone: "..."
Robin: "yeah, thanks, i'll do my best. Bye." (Puts the phone down)

He continues to play Microsoft Spider.
Image fades out.

(Based on a true story.)