Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Art Craziest Nation

The Walker Art Gallery of Liverpool is exposing a mini-exhibition of modern art masterpieces. their creators, and reknowned art patrons. In lego.

(Above: Joseph Beuys - The Pack, 1969. Recreated by The Little Artists.)

The exhibit was created by John Cake and Darren Neave a.k.a. The Little Artists, below pictured while jumping on Tracey Emin's Bed.

Whilst perusing the online gallery section, links below the works may provide a valuable who's who for the world of People Who Do Stuff.

Art Craziest Nation, Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, 20 August 2005 - 29 January 2006.
Disclaimer: Please note that Art Craziest Nation is a single exhibit. It is not a Lego exhibition.

And i'm still wondering what that means.