Monday, April 25, 2005

Cosa Rimiri Mio Bel Partigiano

I Gufi - Cosa Rimiri Mio Bel Partigiano (128Kps mp3, 3.81Mb)

25 April 2005 - 60th anniversary of the italian liberation from NaziFascism.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Let's Stay Together

(yes, it's a weekend download! Makes up for the senseless banter i posted this morning)

A recent event for which here is not the place to discuss brought me to wonder: what is the music you would like to have in your head while you're dying? Discuss.
In the meantime, here's my own answer: Tokyo Ska Paradise's version of Al Green's classic, Let's Stay Together(128kps 5.48Mb Mp3)
Because it's nice and relaxing. Because you can't go wrong with Al Green. And because no matter what goes in and out of fashion, dying with a tune from Pulp Fiction in your head will always be stylish.

Hairy anecdotes

While i was looking for the odd something-or-other on my desk, i came across a note i got once in high school.
Hold it, not a note. *The* note i got in high school.
You see, other guys would constantly pass each other notes in class. They would constantly get things saying "X likes you" or "wanna go out tonight?" or whatever. And girls would pass their own notes around, and giggle. Or recieve notes from boys, pass them around to the other girls, and giggle.
During my whole five years in high shool, i only got a note from a classmate once.
What that note said, after extended discussions and pointing in my direction on behalf of the entire female classroom population, was simply this:

"Staresti bene con i capelli a spazzoletta"

Now. i've been living in italy for over 20 years now, but i still haven't the foggiest idea what capelli a spazzoletta are. (Actually, from the handwriting it looked more like "spazzollta", but i digress) To this day, i still wonder what that meant. Of course i went to the girls afterwards and asked, but they were incapable of defining what this expression meant. They did insist i would look good in it, though, which was probably the closest they ever managed to get to giving me a compliment (or estabilishing eye contact in the first place, come to think of it).

So i still wonder why they wrote that note, and what it means. But more importantly, i wonder why i kept that while moving out of the old house, but so many notes from uni courses i didn't.

(...) -large portion of post removed for reasons bordering between quality control and self-censorship, but mainly because i still can't believe i could have written something so damn stupid.

Nowadays, i pay no attention whatsoever to all this hair stuff, and the answer to the question of whether i will ever cut them again lies somewhere between the realms of Notmyproblem and Mindyourownbusiness.

Present Pastimes

So what does a young man in his prime do on a saturday morning for his own fun and leisure? Well, update Fidel Castro's Blog, of course!
One post today i even entered by hand. No, really. (see if you can guess which one)
It's funny that this officially makes fidel's blog be more updated than mine. Why, he even had Hugo Chavez as a guest-blogger in december!
I don't really know why i do these things. Nobody will ever read them. Heck, even I don't read them while i copy-paste them(although i do occasionally read a passage or two and smirk a little)! But i still find the whole idea hilarious as hell.

More content on this blog forthcoming.

Friday, April 15, 2005


him: "...and then we usually take the ferry to Helsinki."
me: "Oh! What's Helsinki like?"
him: "It's like Monfalcone, only bigger."
me: "I see."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Writer At Work

The writer at work: a series of 7 pages from Cabanon Press. Including my namesake.

Also, The Library Cats Map. An essential resource.

(tnx to Dorothy, whose strip made me laugh out loud this week)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

a quick note for any members of the vatican conclave who may be reading this.

In these troubled times, the ideal political solution to the world's problems would be to appoint a muslim pope.
Consider it, cardinals.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Post re: Updates, lack of.

For the past week or so, i've been passing by this blog and frowning on the lack of updates. This morning i remembered that i'm actually the one who's supposed to be updating it. (Actually, i even had a wierd dream where Mitko showed up in a café and told me to upload more mp3s. I guess ghosts telling you to beware the ides of march just aren't fashionable in dreams anymore.)
So i guess i'll be more present around here, also because i've already uploaded tons of interesting stuff which it would be a pity not to share. Someday i might even explain what that last mp3 was all about.
Oh, and now that this has been implemented by blogger, posting should avoid certain frustrations i've had to suffer in the past. Frustrations that would sometimes lead me to abandon the blog for a week or so, which is why i never really got around to telling about the time i met Quino.

Now playing: Paris Match - Driving Home For Christmas.
(Yes, i'm listening to christmas songs. In april. Anything against that?)

UPDATE: while posting this, my browser went for the opposite and lost my post. After a while it let me enter blogger again and i used that "recover post" button. Guess what? It works! So everything related above is even more true. Except for the now playing bit, 'cause i'm listening to King Crimson's Discipline album now.