Monday, January 30, 2006

It's National Gorilla Suit Day!


To: Mark Evanier
From: myself
Subject: Giornata Nazionale Delle Maschere Da Gorilla

Dear Mr. Evanier.

I am writing to thank you for advocating the timeless tradition of National Gorilla Suit Day. It is probably the only holiday my family and i still feel the spirit of and celebrate with joy and goodwill distributed in equal parts. No matter how much it may startle neighbours and co-workers.

I also wanted you to know that NGSD is all but forgotten in this part of the globe(Italy), although only by the lucky owners of the book Fester-Bester Tester, published by Editoriale Corno back in May 1975. It has a preface by a one Luciano Secchi, whose claim to fame was of being the man who first introduced Lee/Kirby creations to the boot-shaped country's inhabitants back in 1970.

I happen to own a copy (and still enjoy every single page), and have taken some pictures of it to display on my blog.

You may be interested, here is the link.
Best wishes,


P.S.: I took pictures instead of scanning it because i extremely dislike a)people who scan comic books, and b)scanners that don't have a working driver for Windows XP. Like mine.