Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We interrupt the awkward silence to post three pictures of an object my mother found at the top of a donated book bin, and deemed too good for charity thus bringing it home for all to appreciate.

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This pocket-sized booklet, filled to the brim of useful tips for a saintly lifestyle, was printed in Boston(USA) in 1909. The first edition, however, dates back to 1887. This is the fourth reprint.

Here's a closeup of the central symbol. I sure hope the text within delivers all it's promising.

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Much as it's fun to mock this thing, i can't help noticing how beautiful the cover layout is. And the exterior's texture has a certain endearing quality to it.

And finally, i decided to accompany all this beauty with yet another fallen myth. This fake red army insignia pin was given to me by someone who actually believed it to be genuine. It's visibly in good company now.

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