Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Awesome Mixtape Live@MagazzenoBis

I didn't think i'd be linking to video again so soon, but i just found out that tonight's concert of one of my favourite bands, My Awesome Mixtape, performed for one of my favourite radio programmes, Magazzeno Bis, will be filmed and shown live on MTV and on the Mogulus Player embedded below.

EDIT: player would rather annoyingly start playing on its own. Here's a link to the channel instead. And yes, the concert i was yapping about in this post still blocks 2 minutes in. The rest of the stuff is good though.

Concert begins at 22hrs GMT+1 of the date this post was created (which i can't be bothered to remember for the obvious reason that it is a saturday morning). There is an offhand chance you might catch a glimpse of myself+friends since we will also be attending the show.
In all other moments you will see reruns of previous concerts by the band, and The Lord only knows what else.