Monday, February 14, 2005


Yes, i know, i haven't been updating recently. And i have to continue my report of the Grandmothers concert. Problem is, i've been rather busy working on an exam which i probably won't even pass. The exam's date? Well, very appropriately today, which is also known as Singles Awareness Day. Nice acronym, huh?
So anyway, to make up for my absence, i'll post a little mp3 just to feel a little less guilty (and because i already had it uploaded for a week).
Last wednesday Pino and i went to see the great Daniele Luttazzi perform in Udine. His comedy act was stellar, as always. There were two encores (although Pino counted them otherwise, but that's a completely different story), the first a little sketch about Jesus, dinosaurs and, of course, creationism. The second was a tribute to Jerry Lewis, as Luttazzi flawlessly performed the Invisible Typewriter Sketch, exposing a hitherto unnoticed perfection in the physical comedy department.
When we met him after the show, Mr. Luttazzi told me that the author of the music for that sketch was a one Mr. Leroy Anderson, who specifically composed the Music For Typewriter And Orchestra for Jerry Lewis.

Here is that song. Enjoy.
(Did i mention that this tune is just begging for a konishi remix? Ok, you can hit me now.)