Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why you should never put a cuban in front of a microphone

I was a little bored on saturday afternoon, so i went and created my third blog.

I'm particularly proud to present -
fidelcastroruz.blogspot.com - El Blog De Fidel!

Mindless prank, sociopolitical irony or artistic reflection on the preponderance of the blog medium? You decide.
It's still missing a couple of finishing touches, by the way. A counter, an image or two, some links. The links i have in mind are to cuban institutional sites, anti-cia sites, human rights watch sites(i don't want to be considered pro-castro) and to my cat's blog. I'm also wondering whether i should display the current terror alert level.

It shocks me to see that Fidel hasn't given any speeches in 2005 yet, i hope he starts again soon, i wouldn't like people to think he's procrastinating updates of his blog.

The reason of this posts' title: Some months ago i stumbled into a conference on Latinamerican Literature in Udine, and one cuban author whose name escapes me in this moment(and probably did at the time too) began his intervention with a little joke...

"You people ought to know, you should never place a cuban in front of a microphone...
...he may not stop talking for forty years!"

So true...

Anyway, visit Fidel's Blog regularly. It's a way of life!

Oh, almost forgot: partial inspiration (although i'd already been toying with this admittedly useless idea for some months already) comes from Gnapppo's PoMoBlog, readymade cut&paste technique applied to the blog form. Which also makes for some hilarious comments from people who just don't get it. Hope that also happens in this new PoMoBlog endeavour of mine.