Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another one which i'm probably the only one to find funny.

When i wake up in the morning the girls downstairs are playing their stereo really loud, all i hear is the bassline and only sometimes i can make out what exactly they're listening to (yesterday, aerosmith). So my first urge in the morning is to put some music on - LOUD - so i don't have to live with that. The stereo in my room is constantly on, and when i stop the music before going to bed, lately around two or three AM, all i hear is buzzes: the buzz from the heating system, the mute hum from my stereo that changes pitch if i move the free external cord around the room or tap it lightly with my fingers, the tank in the toilet next door suddenly and for no apparent reason deciding to change its water, the same toilet's ventilation system going on and off, thermostats clicking.
If i pause my stereo during the daytime all these sounds i listed can be heard ever so faintly, and my mind starts to make out little strands of melodies that dissolve a half-second later.

Sometimes i feel like i'm Terry Riley's next door neighbour(thumping against his wall and screaming "Will you turn that BLOODY ONLY FAINTLY AUDIBLE ULTRAMINIMALIST AMBIENT MUSIC DOWN???").