Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Masha Qrella

Had the chance to see Masha Qrella perform live in Trieste's Teatro Miela this friday. I'll post more about the night itself when Ceci sends me the pictures (i didn't bother taking any myself since i had a professional photographer sitting next to me), but in the meantime i want you all to go over to Morr Music's website and listen to her latest album, Unsolved Remained.

I can't give you a direct link to the songs due to the nature of the website, but what i can do is help you get there once you're on the homepage:

1.Click on "Enter"
2.Say hello to Barbapapa
3.Click on "Releases"
4.Click on "mm052 masha qrella unsolved remained cd/lp"
5.You wait, time passes. (sorry, couldn't help it)
6.Click on "listen!"
7.Click on any song title, music will magically come out from your computer and you will have to fight the urge to open it up and see the little people playing their little instruments.