Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Geopolitics at the post office

While i was next in the post office queue last friday, a little girl skipped right in front of me and went straight to the counter. I didn't say a word because i already knew her: palestinian, no more than 15 years old, a mix of shyness and enthusiasm coming from beneath her black chador. Also because i was the only one in the queue, anyway.
She produced a letter with an address in both arabic and beautifully hand-written latin alphabet, and said to the lady behind the counter "Per la Palestina, per favore".
The lady took the envelope and turned towards the large pricebook behind her. She looked up the country at the letter P, but said "...non esiste..."
A colleague came up and half-whispered "Israele" to her.
"Ah!" she replied, and promptly produced a stamp.

Biting political commentary, i thought as i helped the girl find the right size of coin from her tiny purse.