Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Great Sunday Traffic Jam of 2005

So since i've been asked to post more pictures of Duino, i've decided to release into the wild these images of what was probably the biggest event to have occurred here this year: The Great Sunday Twelve O'Clock Traffic Jam of October the Twenty-Third, in the year of Two Thousand and Five.

For i can say that i was there, that i saw it, and even better: i was in the eye of the storm! For i was (gasp!) a passenger in one of the vehicles involved, and thus had a chance to step outside and take these historical pictures!
(All images open in a new window because i finally figured out how to make them do that.)

Above: Three buses! On a sunday! Notice the cars illegally parked on the sidewalk, at left in the picture.

Above: Our car (actually Pino's Skoda) as it wondered how, if ever, it was to get out of this mess.
Below: Passengers of the car behind us, other participants of that day's expedition to Slovenia, visibly excited with their priviledged place in history being written. Notice the approving thumbs.

Epilogue: The Great Sunday Traffic Jam of Sezana, October 23rd 2005, after lunch.

A much tidier affair.