Sunday, December 10, 2006

Live post-mortem coverage

"If there is a hell, we have reason to believe that he is burning there as we speak"
-Geoffrey Robertson, Human Rights Watch, interviewed live by the BBC twenty minutes ago.

Webmaster's first reaction: "i won't believe it until i see the body"
Webmaster's second reaction: "Just another of his ploys to avoid the courtroom. Wonder what he'll think of next."

My Father's first reaction (on the phone): "Obviously a birthday present for Lucia Pinochet."
(It is also A. s birthday today, happy birthday again even if i already told you that earlier today. Thank you for this day.)

Gato's first reaction: "Purrrr."

Situation at the evaristo family habitat:
The phone rings.
My Father: "is it for you?"
Me: "You'd better take it, i'm afraid it might be the TV."

Babsi's first reaction: This link

And now this post is interrupted because my family and i are going out to the chinese restaurant, with a large weight off our heads. Thank you.