Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is not an end-of-year post.

Things here at WGD Central have been rather hectic lately so as you may see not much of the ol'blogging has been done due to an extended case of the dreadful lots-of-interesting-stuff-to-be-done-away-from-the-internet disease. Usually what you would see here is a year-ending post of reflections, links and whatnot interspersed with my monotonous repetition of how little these festivities matter to me in the first place. It'll probably come, but not yet. Sometime in january. Or february would be cool too.
Thing is, i have loads of stuff to update about (i can't believe i haven't mentioned certain activities of mine here yet), two or three long unfinished posts, neat pictures to share and other online incarnations to make public but i just don't have the time right now. In the meantime i suppose you can make do with the links on the sidebar and the constantly growing sitefeed. And read some webcomics, webcomics will love you back. I'll be back after the break.
What you have just read is a reassuring "don't worry, the blog is not dead nor as a matter of fact am i" post. Happy new whatever you want it to be.

(A Parte: Oh dear, december 2006 seems to have become International Dead Dictators Month. Which brings back to mind tv images of Ceausescu's execution back on christmas day, 1987. I might be getting the year wrong but i'm quite sure about the day. Last time i spent christmas in Glasgow, i think. Anyway, i just wanted to say that the rejoicing done previously for Chile and Turkmenstan's gladly departed former rulers was not extended to Iraq's, at least in this old-fashioned anarchoid* household. As a matter of fact, we're all rather pissed off about what happened. There, i said it.)

*Temporary and debatable definition of the anarchoid household my upbringing stems from: Pre-spanish civil war, Post-Jacovitti.