Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Post

Good morning. This is, i suppose, officially the first post of the new year. Funny thing is, i still haven't had the time to write the traditional end-of-2006 post. So traditional that at one point of our new year's dinner somebody asked "have you all written your end-of-year posts?", and everybody answered in the affirmative. That's 2006 to you, all but one of the people i was celebrating with have one or more blogs, or at least an internet presence. The one without, an increasingly rare plus, has my eternal admirement.
Certain things have been somewhat changing in the online world in the meantime. I woke up yesterday to find Blogger, and Myspace functioning entirely in italian. In wrong italian. In Babelfish-translated italian. I now have nightmares of living in a world where everybody speaks a profoundly incorrect and rebabelfished version of their own languages, and where writing doesn't fit on street signs because nobody bothered to modify the template.

(Wrong Italian is, i assume, in the same linguistic family as Drunk English)

Luckily, some backstage fiddling and jiggledypokery fixed all that. And as a consequence, we now have tags. And if one of these days i feel crazy or suicidal enough, i might even try to start improving the template using all these beautiful new Blogger tools which quite frankly terrify me to the bone. Meanwhile, tags have been added to most recent posts for your enjoyment. Chances of me going back and tagging the entire archives: Yeah right. Good one.

So, that's all. Enjoy your 2007(which i certainly didn't ask for, 2006 was being particularly good for me already), expect new stuff on this page sometime soonish.