Monday, August 25, 2008

Enon Acoustic

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, i had a chance to see Enon live again recently at the HereIStay festival in Sardinia. A couple of days later, while in Cagliari with Tostoini, we climbed into the car to hear Enon once again, performing and being interviewed for a local radio show called On Repeat.
The following week, back home in Duino, i tracked the show down online and found most episodes to be downloadable on its website. Something we hadn't heard at the time were the two acoustic versions that Enon played live in that occasion.
Since i've been listening to them over and over for the past weeks, i separated them from the rest of the recording for enhanced comfort. And since i've been appreciating the songs so much, i've decided to share them here.

Enon - Sabina (Acoustic live @ OnRepeat)
Enon - High Society (Acoustic live @ OnRepeat)
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Unplugged sessions from Enon are something extremely rare, especially considering how versatile they are with electronic implements in studio (most of their creative process admittedly occurs there), and how energetically electric they are live. Sabina -from the recent Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds album- is rearranged here in an almost bossa fashion whilst maintaining most of the strength of the original. High Society, from the eponymous 2002 album, is performed in a slightly lackluster form but is still an interesting listen.

OnRepeat, the radio show which apparently generates live acoustic sessions only because the studio reportedly isn't big enough for electric ones, also has a fair amount of other interesting podcasts available at this link. There's plenty of good stuff to choose from: i personally ran immediately towards an episode with Comaneci and another with a band called June, of whom more will be said in an upcoming post.
Even Trabant recorded with them back in December. Here's hoping they release that podcast soon, too.