Friday, August 01, 2008

Very personal post which nobody will really get anyway.

(I'm actually surprised i'm still logged into blogspot after over two weeks of not touching it, besides a single aborted attempt to post pictures of Danger Mouse's equipment for the Gnarls Barkley tour)

Small post just to say that the Cristina Donà poster on my door just slumped over on itself and apparently died due to the bizarre phenomenon of my door expanding a bit during the hottest days of the year, also causing it to be much harder to close and to sometimes open in a manner completely independent from human (and sometimes even feline) touch.

This is the same Cristina Donà poster i took off a wall while wandering through Rome at 2 or 3 AM with Andrés, Cristobal and Agi back in autumn 2003. The same one that has since been visible on various parts of my room since, including when i first made M. listen to the Goccia EP (ft. Robert Wyatt) the following year or so and when, last year, i was preparing to interview her for Fucine Mute. An instant after turning my sound recorder off, she proceeded to say something about my features being handsome. If i had left the recorder on a few more seconds, you would have been able to hear the sound of me blushing. The poster was also on my wall when i first listened to her sing TTD's song Sign Your Name, which was one of my favourites as a teenager (and let's admit it, it still is), on her 2008 Piccola Faccia album.

That's all, i just wanted to capture this little train of thought and send it out somehow. No big messages or morals or anecdotes, more like just the outline of an object i hadn't paid attention to in quite a while and the thought processes it activated by, well, slumping onto the floor.

UPDATE: And why, i hear you asking, haven't you just stuck the poster back up? Well, my dear reader who makes non-clever questions, the answer is that i've tried. And failed. I tried sticking it back up with the original sellotape, it flumped to the floor after few minutes. So i tried with new sellotape: same result. Further attempts involving blu-tack and industrial black tape (both of which i have a discreet supply of which i hide religiously in an undisclosed location somewhere within my room, considering they are two of the most requested human necessities on earth) were of no consequence. I have therefore resolved that the poster is no more, it has lost its will to live, and shall soon be rolled up and placed in the dark place where unused posters are placed, which in this case is not dark at all because i have no space left in my wardrobes or cupboards. How sad.