Monday, July 28, 2003

Point of the situation.

Most of you already know, but we've been kicked ou-ahem, we're moving out of the house we've lived in for the past twentysomething years, moving over to another place(Old Offices) closer to duino Piazza and full of wonderful new neighbours who just can't wait to start hating us. And who would blame them, having a long-haired hooligan playing Beefheart at full blast after 3 o'clock in the morning.
This morning i was there helping the satellite elves put our sat dish on the new roof (they worked, i sat on the sofa and resisted from turning the tv on. You can't say i didn't help, it would've blasted them to bits if i'd turned it on), the weeks before going to rome i was filling boxes with stuff, writing "STUFF" on them with a large red marker, and lugging them to pala washing room where the College will send Strange People to take them to the new house. And when i write "strange people", the best i can imagine is a circus of clowns, dancing bears, tightrope walkers and balancing seals coming over and destroying all our belongings while attempting to move them to old offices in the most hilarious of manners. And the big clown will hit the little clown on the head and some little girl in the audience will start to cry. i hate it when that happens.

At the beginning of the hard work, i had laughingly suggested we could all charge the college for psychological help due to the stress from the move.
Nowadays, i'm thinking of suggesting the same thing again, but without the "laughingly" part.

And whose fault is the move? I'm not making names, but be it known that it is just another cunning plan from the Master Of Numerous Achievements. Say no more.

And on that same note, here's the link of the day!