Saturday, July 19, 2003

So in the end i'm not in venice, i just stayed home instead...i was supposed to go to the Festa Del Redentore, but i was just too tired to get out of the house.
After a day moving boxes around, you would be too.
So i just went to monfy on my bike instead, to check if the outside world still existed(not that i give a rat's ass about the outside world, of course).
Breaking news: it still exists.
There was a kebab stall opening, i happily scrounged some food before pedalling my heavier self back to duino. Sorry Pino, i didn't warn you in time, they were already finishing.

So today we emptied out some of the corridors. Hint: when moving out of a house, empty the corridors *first*. I didn't do it this time, but i've learnt my lesson for the next time i get kicked out of a house. I'm only 25, i'll have plenty more chances.

i'll be having my BIG FAT FOUR DAY HOLIDAY next week, starting monday. Duino-Venice-Rome-Duino. And home in time for my neighbour(and *official* 2nd year!) Nicole Stachowiack's wedding. Never been to a wedding before, just funerals. Rumour has it weddings are more fun. Myself, i'd rather be in the grave than at the altar. But anyway...

Busy schedule in rome: Wednesday 23 seeing elio(again!) with some Faveromane , among other old and new friends.
Thursday 24 seeing Caetano! Solo! Live! FREE! in Piazza Del Popolo. Spot me, i'll be the one with the nose.
And Friday 25...Catching the train back home! Isn't it amazing?

Saw Angelo today, he gave me a picture of us taken after last week's concert with Stockhausen(I'll post a review tomorrow, promise). I hope i'll find the way to get images onto this blog. Otherwise, i'll just have to put it elsewhere and link to it(who cares? i hear you say. I'm just putting this down so i feel some pressure and eventually DO it)

Ok, i've sort of described what i'll be up to in what we laughingly call the near future. Next i'll be catching up with the past(wow, sounds cool,doesn't it?). just the recent past, of course.