Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Yesterday's post i wrote while literally falling asleep. Now, after 12 hours' sleep, i'm *still* tired. But i'll make it.

Today, i would like to ask any readers out there for a hand over an extremely important matter.
Allow me to explain.
While in Rome, Gnapppo and i were -of course- fishing for special offers in record shops, and we came across the ugliest album cover of all time, which can be found on I Camaleonti's 1969 album, L'Ora Dell'Amore. A small jpg can be found here. But what i'm looking for is a large scan of it! On the band's official site only an alternate cover is shown, probably out of shame. So, if anybody out there knows a place online where a large scan can be found, or even actually owns the album(!) and can scan the cover for me, please let me know. As always, i can be found on e_varisto at inwind dot it . Yes, i know the cd is being sold at less than 5€, but i'm not that desperate. I keep my focus.

Regarding yesterday's topic, another piece of history has now left my room, leaving it emptier and myself lonelier: i finally emptied the paper bin.

And finally folks...can THIS be TRUE????