Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Yesterday's post i wrote while literally falling asleep. Now, after 12 hours' sleep, i'm *still* tired. But i'll make it.

Today, i would like to ask any readers out there for a hand over an extremely important matter.
Allow me to explain.
While in Rome, Gnapppo and i were -of course- fishing for special offers in record shops, and we came across the ugliest album cover of all time, which can be found on I Camaleonti's 1969 album, L'Ora Dell'Amore. A small jpg can be found here. But what i'm looking for is a large scan of it! On the band's official site only an alternate cover is shown, probably out of shame. So, if anybody out there knows a place online where a large scan can be found, or even actually owns the album(!) and can scan the cover for me, please let me know. As always, i can be found on e_varisto at inwind dot it . Yes, i know the cd is being sold at less than 5€, but i'm not that desperate. I keep my focus.

Regarding yesterday's topic, another piece of history has now left my room, leaving it emptier and myself lonelier: i finally emptied the paper bin.

And finally folks...can THIS be TRUE????

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

wow, i'm sleepy. Another interesting night last night.

The bad: i would like to inform the world that, starting today, my famous room is ceasing its existence. Today i removed the books, next i'll remove the junk and last the cds. Then i'll have to choose which spider to take to my new room in old offices. One of them turned out useful last night, having caught a rather unfriendly mosquito. Unfortunately, there were at least 29 other ones in my room, half of whom are now squished to the cieling(they're staying there! the college will paint the rooms afterwards, anyway!), while the other half avenged its losses by stinging me to stupidity.

Ok, i'm falling asleep. I'll tell more later.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Point of the situation.

Most of you already know, but we've been kicked ou-ahem, we're moving out of the house we've lived in for the past twentysomething years, moving over to another place(Old Offices) closer to duino Piazza and full of wonderful new neighbours who just can't wait to start hating us. And who would blame them, having a long-haired hooligan playing Beefheart at full blast after 3 o'clock in the morning.
This morning i was there helping the satellite elves put our sat dish on the new roof (they worked, i sat on the sofa and resisted from turning the tv on. You can't say i didn't help, it would've blasted them to bits if i'd turned it on), the weeks before going to rome i was filling boxes with stuff, writing "STUFF" on them with a large red marker, and lugging them to pala washing room where the College will send Strange People to take them to the new house. And when i write "strange people", the best i can imagine is a circus of clowns, dancing bears, tightrope walkers and balancing seals coming over and destroying all our belongings while attempting to move them to old offices in the most hilarious of manners. And the big clown will hit the little clown on the head and some little girl in the audience will start to cry. i hate it when that happens.

At the beginning of the hard work, i had laughingly suggested we could all charge the college for psychological help due to the stress from the move.
Nowadays, i'm thinking of suggesting the same thing again, but without the "laughingly" part.

And whose fault is the move? I'm not making names, but be it known that it is just another cunning plan from the Master Of Numerous Achievements. Say no more.

And on that same note, here's the link of the day!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Eu Quero
Eu Quero
Eu Quero
-Caetano Veloso, Chuckberry Fields Forever

Had a wiiiiiiiiiiiiild night last night. But fun :-)

Sincerity dept.

I would like to thank Churra, JJFlash and last but not least Gnapppo[sic] for allowing me to have such a great time in Rome.
Although you may not have noticed, it was something i direly needed, physically but most of all spiritually. And i have returned to Duino a (semi)new, finally FREE man.
With his picture on CorriereOnline, too:-D

End of sincerity dept. Back to the BS.

Ok, i'm going downstairs to look for my liver.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

What i've been up to? well, look here and here(video!) and here. Oops, that last one wasn't all too relevant, but it's here nonetheless. enjoy.
And to better understand what was going on, why not go straight to good old giggi's site?

Anyway, that's just one of the things i've been up to in rome. More to come. I have to go downstairs and finally listen to my new cd...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

In JJ and Churra's house, in rome, after 2 days of walking around the two most tourist-infested towns of italy. Venice was great, saw Tina whom i hadn't seen in a few months, had a truly wonderful time. Rome was kind of tiring since i had a kind of unorthodox way of getting there(horizontal, on the floor, in the train, in the corridor, surrounded by heart-shaped pink paper napkins. i lied about the napkins), but i managed to catch some sleep in Pincio gardens, under the trees, in the shade, breeze over me and insects under me...heaven!

But Churra and JJ's place is even better. they have one of those THINGS. You know, SHOWERS. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

now i go to one of those just-as-good things. a BED. They have everything in this place.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Leaving duino tomorrow morning at nine, will be in venice around eleven, will be updating again in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, enjoy one of my favourite links.

A Truly Wise Man Never Plays Leapfrog With A Unicorn.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

So in the end i'm not in venice, i just stayed home instead...i was supposed to go to the Festa Del Redentore, but i was just too tired to get out of the house.
After a day moving boxes around, you would be too.
So i just went to monfy on my bike instead, to check if the outside world still existed(not that i give a rat's ass about the outside world, of course).
Breaking news: it still exists.
There was a kebab stall opening, i happily scrounged some food before pedalling my heavier self back to duino. Sorry Pino, i didn't warn you in time, they were already finishing.

So today we emptied out some of the corridors. Hint: when moving out of a house, empty the corridors *first*. I didn't do it this time, but i've learnt my lesson for the next time i get kicked out of a house. I'm only 25, i'll have plenty more chances.

i'll be having my BIG FAT FOUR DAY HOLIDAY next week, starting monday. Duino-Venice-Rome-Duino. And home in time for my neighbour(and *official* 2nd year!) Nicole Stachowiack's wedding. Never been to a wedding before, just funerals. Rumour has it weddings are more fun. Myself, i'd rather be in the grave than at the altar. But anyway...

Busy schedule in rome: Wednesday 23 seeing elio(again!) with some Faveromane , among other old and new friends.
Thursday 24 seeing Caetano! Solo! Live! FREE! in Piazza Del Popolo. Spot me, i'll be the one with the nose.
And Friday 25...Catching the train back home! Isn't it amazing?

Saw Angelo today, he gave me a picture of us taken after last week's concert with Stockhausen(I'll post a review tomorrow, promise). I hope i'll find the way to get images onto this blog. Otherwise, i'll just have to put it elsewhere and link to it(who cares? i hear you say. I'm just putting this down so i feel some pressure and eventually DO it)

Ok, i've sort of described what i'll be up to in what we laughingly call the near future. Next i'll be catching up with the past(wow, sounds cool,doesn't it?). just the recent past, of course.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Oh, reading that article inspired a passing thought: wouldn't it be great if we started to call wars by their main points of interest again? You know, like back in the good old days of the Opium Wars?
The recent iraqi conflict would be known as The Petrol War. Afghanistan would be The Hashish War. Serbia? The Levinsky War. And so on.

Great article from The Guardian, i read it on today's Internazionale and immediately found the original online, and here it is!
Pick it, it's clean.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Oh, meanwhile, here's Who I'm Not.

(Tnx to Churra)

Catching up

Ok, i must admit i'm kind of slow to this blog thing. But i'll catch up, promise. Maybe not tonight-it's late. Probably not tomorrow, either-i'm off to udine to see van morrison(!). But i'll catch up before the end of the week, when i'll supposedly be leaving for my short holiday. More about that later.
I'll also catch up on telling what i've been up to recently, and why, what i'll be doing in the foreseeable future, and while i'm at it who i am too. Shouldn't be too hard.

Monday, July 14, 2003

"she's 95, she won't go down"
-Captain Beefheart, Pachuco Cadaver

"i'm 25, i won't go down"
-me, on a post-it i don't remember writing that materialized some nights ago on the wall next to my bed.
It's always good to start the day with a pseudo-beefheart reference.