Sunday, August 08, 2004

Don't say i didn't warn you...

Here and Here is where you can find just the right critter hats for the next Dress-Up-Like-Robin-Day! As you all should know by now, Dress-Up-Like-Robin-Day is that annual festivity which, uh, only ever happened once (a couple of months ago) and only involved two of my closest friends. For a couple of hours. But anyway! The next one will be even better! So get your critter hats today! Or knit your own ones, which would make you even cooler.
As cool as a mentally deranged person can possibly be considered, that is.
Oh, and be sure to take more than a passing look around, as it's one of my favourite new-design sites.

Updates around here have been slow as of recently, mainly because i was dsl-connectionless and didn't want to post from the college connection, which is just not safe. So as was inevitably going to happen, these days my cat was blogging more often than i was.

Will update readers on a few important goings-on, regarding employment and institutionally recognized felinity. And stuff.
More to come.