Friday, August 13, 2004


Bad Scrabble (once again via Killuglyradio), brings to mind a couple of old scrabble anecdotes. For one, the time when a still short-haired and bespectacled evaristo-to-be played scrabble with some old glasgow chums and was handed the perfect tiles for spelling "YAZOO" or "WAZOO". I eventually chose the former, since due to some of my earlier behaviour we had to insert the "no zappa titles" rule. Of course, after fifteen minutes of intense discussion, the others were forced to implement the "no obscure record label names" rule, too. Pity, any of those would've gotten me a truckload of points.
The other equally anticlimactic story happened less than a year ago, when we had a game of All-Languages-Accepted Mutual-Trust-Based Extreme Scrabble. If memory serves well, participants were a hungarian, an israeli, a latin american and myself (representing any other repressed minorities). Quite surprisingly, the game was not won by the Hungarian, helped by the mixed blessing of one of the most complicated languages in the world.
It was won by a passing italian.
Go figure.

And yes, posts have been scarce around here because we've gone from "oh my god, so much has been going on and i just haven't had the time to post about it on the blog" to "things around here are SO boring and there is absolutely nothing to be posted about". Either way, you -the reader- lose.

Oh, and i've been trying to implement an rss feed on this blog. Theorically it would only take a single click in my user settings. Instead i've had to bang my head against the keyboard for several hours, still to very little avail. If i ever actually manage to get something done with this, i'll let you know. But you'll probably have been distracted by your household piglets suddenly sprouting wings and fluttering around your back garden by then.