Wednesday, August 18, 2004


So i'm leaving for Croatia early tomorrow morning. Pelo is already keeping a place for me, or at least that's what we all hope. He never specified it would be a place we would all fit in, though.
The tent eventually decided not to be an issue, as about half of the people who'd been counted in by both interested parties eventually didn't make it, so as usual things just fixed themselves. Thanks anyway to Igor for his kind and amazingly swift offer of help, i was actually hoping to use your tent: the radioactivity would have been the talk of the town. Come in dear, the fallout is lovely.
I still haven't found my rucksack and am leaving in eight hours, but don't worry, what's most important is that i know where my towel is. Always.

I'll be back here on saturday with more stories, running men, cows, cats, bears, music, general wierdness and asking for water before going to bed. And promising updates on stuff i never get around to write about.

And when i get back my summer will be over.