Sunday, August 28, 2005

Go look!

Online gallery of Santiago Stencil and Sticker Art, Photographed by evaristo on 13 and 15 august 2005.

...Which us why i was so eager to learn how to make photo galleries...

Pictures taken in Lastarria, Bellas Artes and(the last four, taken on the 15th) Barrio Brasil areas. Generally overlooked by more "formal" artists and scorned as too aristocratic (or artsy-fartsy) by traditional graffitists, sticker art and stencil art are mostly ignored in Chile despite their omnipresence in the very heart of Santiago. Still in its budding phases, this form of expression is naturally enticing to the creative everyman thanks to the obvious simplicity of its technique, particularly so in places that until only some fifteen years earlier would every morning be painted white by the Carabineros to cancel all visible signs of political dissent.
It will be interesting to observe the evolution of this art form over the next few years. And to eventually use it as material for something rather different, but let's not get carried away here.