Sunday, August 07, 2005

Le Avventure Di Un Robinese In Chile

(Title ©Ai 2005, from an sms received the night before leaving Italy)

So the day after algarrobo we leave for Arica. I decide to lighten my luggage (thus defeating its meaning, ethimologically) by leaving some tapes and pullovers in santiago so i can pick them up on the way back. We spend two days in Arica and decide to hit Iquique. Just for a couple of days.
So i decide to lighten my luggage by leaving some tapes in Arica, and leave for Iquique with only one pair of trousers and a couple of T-shirts. It's only two days anyway.
While we're there we decide to split roads and visit some more places, transforming the original two days into about seven. Once again i leave tapes in iquique, and to solve the t-shirt problem i buy emergency ones.
So by now it's the last week of august and i've left a trail of tapes throughout the southern continent, i'm walking around alone in the middle of the desert somewhere north of the tropic of capricorn wearing a white t-shirt and holding a large red plastic carrier-bag full of audiotapes, looking like Jules and Vincent after The Wolf solves their problem.

Just to allow you to somehow picture my appearance in those moments.
I would also like to mention the fact that all the events hereto described provoked in me a considerable sense of fun and excitement.

(What i was doing in the middle of the desert -and what i found there- are none of your business, thank you.)