Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What Chile needs so badly at the moment

Is a large amount of proofreaders.
Lots of them.
Lots and lots of them.
This is my main conclusion after going through the first 5% of the published documentation i collected in july. But i'd noticed the problem before, typos aren't just in art magazines and essays: they're everywhere. On newspapers. In books. Even in those big ads in the underground.
Hear my plea: if you're somewhat literate in spoken and written spanish or castellano, please move to chile, learn the slang and find employment as a proofreader at some big influential art book and magazine publisher. So next time i have to write a thesis on a chilean artist(god forbid) my brain doesn't have to endure my eyes hopping around from typographical error to typographical error, not being able to concentrate on whatever text remains underneath.