Friday, June 16, 2006

Trenitalia Flashbacks

Train to Rome, a couple weeks ago. Two pretty girls get on the train at Padova station, come next to where i'm sitting, look at the seat reservations on their tickets, look at me, and one of them speaks for both:
Her: I think we should be sitting there
Me: (looks at them, smiles) Yes, i think so too.

They sit, they extract reading material. A tabloid-gossip mag, and a crossword booklet. The one solving crosswords made a slightly better impression, at least some brainwork was involved.

16 Horizontal. Three letter word. Starts with "C".
Her: "Definition: US Secret Service. Hmmm..."

She then fills the gaps with the letters CSI.
And that was when i decided i was better off when i was sitting on my own.