Monday, August 21, 2006

The Continuing Adventures Of My Ringtone

This just in from The Idiot:

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra played Frank [Zappa]'s Dog Breath Variations at the start of a weeklong visit to Germany, seen as an exercise in cultural diplomacy. The 80-member ensemble, which included more than a dozen women playing in headscarves, got a standing ovation as they opened the Orient Festival on Sunday 20 August in Osnabruck.

Which is probably the most beautiful piece of middle-east related news i've heard in the past year or five.

The webmaster fondly remembers smuggling a taped copy of Sheik Yerbouti through persian borders back in 1997, cunningly camouflaged as "Bunny and the Dandelions".

On the other hand, this picture just made my brain implode. Thank you, the internet.(via)
For future reference: please include this topic among those never, ever to be mentioned in my presence so as to avoid headaches, stomach pains, frothing to the mouth and cold-blooded homicide.

So anyway, speaking of borders, you may have noticed i'm back in italy since the 15th as promised. The previous six or so posts were flashbacks from my short-but-all-too-sweet holiday from the rest of the world. Almost a week without the internet - such a luxury. Highly recommended.
I would also like to mention that i miss that serendipitous little what-in-the-world-am-i-doing-here-and-where-is-this-anyway place terribly, and would like to thank all involved even if they don't really read this because, like, they're busy and clever.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

One week ago this moment i was on a ferry somewhere in international waters and i miss that, too.