Thursday, June 29, 2006

The new trend in Duino this summer

Is walking around town carrying a bucket and two bottles full of water with you. Yes, i said Water.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hey, kids! It's the Weekend Download!

We love Kahimi Karie here at WGD Central. And after listening to this, so will you.

(KK, White Sands, New Mexico.)

Kahimi Karie - Blue Orb (183kps vbr 5.00Min Mp3, 7Mb approx.)
From the Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy Soundtrack, 2005. A tribute album for a videogame, why don't they do these things here in the west too?
This track has been stuck in my (borrowed cheap second-hand 128Mb) Mp3player for two weeks already, and it won't surprise me if it stays there for most of the summer.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said Thursday that the late Pope John Paul II once told scientists they should not study the beginning of the universe because it was the work of God.

(Via PvP)
(No, really)

Mark my words. If i ever get my own tv program or get to read the news on tv, i *swear* i'll introduce the big guy in the funny hat as "Reknowned integralist catholic leader Joseph Ratzinger*, also known by his followers as 'The Pope'".
Oooh, i can't wait. And of course i'd be underlining quotation marks with my fingers.

(*or whoever's up for the job by then)

Friday, June 16, 2006

See me, hear me

The albums i've most listened to on my pc according to

(Picture above modified to comply a little bit more with my personal tastes)

Oh, and there's something i keep forgetting to tell: You too can listen to "my radio" for free until the end of this month! Just because they had messed some things i didn't even notice up and decided to give me a subscriber account to compensate. all you have to do is go to the site, install the (safe, unobtrusive and extremely small) miniplayer and then click Here. Or on the appropriate link at my user page. Some kind of account creation may also be necessary, but that's not really a problem.
I wouldn't usually be plugging a site this much, but i've been using it constantly for the past few days and really getting a blast out of it. Just wanted to share the fun.

Edit: First one to correctly identify all albums pictured above will be mocked thoroughly but will also probably win something stupid if i feel like it.

(P.S.: The webmaster is currently way, way behind schedule with certain projects. Waaay behind. Which means that posting on this blog...will be just as erratic as always, but slightly more irresponsible since i've theorically got better things to do.)

Trenitalia Flashbacks

Train to Rome, a couple weeks ago. Two pretty girls get on the train at Padova station, come next to where i'm sitting, look at the seat reservations on their tickets, look at me, and one of them speaks for both:
Her: I think we should be sitting there
Me: (looks at them, smiles) Yes, i think so too.

They sit, they extract reading material. A tabloid-gossip mag, and a crossword booklet. The one solving crosswords made a slightly better impression, at least some brainwork was involved.

16 Horizontal. Three letter word. Starts with "C".
Her: "Definition: US Secret Service. Hmmm..."

She then fills the gaps with the letters CSI.
And that was when i decided i was better off when i was sitting on my own.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That world cup thing

Living room, obligatory viewing of World Cup game (in this case, Brazil-Croatia).
My Father: Ronaldo's fat.
Me: He's bald, too.

(Croatia deserved to win, anyway)
Oh, and just in case - remember when last time around, everybody was discussing and trying to explain when exactly the ball goes offside? Well, what follows is the only real system to find out:

Robin's Only Real System For Detecting Offside (Patent Pending)
So it's like this: you put an egg in a bucket of water.
If it floats, the ball was offside.
If it sinks, it wasn't.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where The Wild Things Are.

This casual disposition of orange felines and classic literature could not go undocumented.

Children these days.

The players: My oldest neice(approx. 5 years old), a plush squirrel, myself.

Me: Whose squirrel is this?
Her: Mine!!!
Me: And what's his name?
Her: Oh, it's just a squirrel.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Forces Of Nature

The players: Myself, Gnapppo.
The location: Awestruck in front of my computer screen, watching an excerpt from the Roxy DVD.

Him: ...
Me: ...
Him: ...
Me: ...
Him: ...
Me: Do you realize that if we were to put this on YouTube the ZFT's lawyers would be knocking at that door within minutes?

(Sorry for the large amount of zappa-related posts lately, i just need to get a couple more out of my system and then we'll be back to, um, normal?)


Location: Trabant gig, NoFun club, Udine.

Me(Screaming over the music): Damn! I was standing next to the speaker and now my right ear is whistling!
Him(Screaming over the music): That's nothing! Once I was next to the speaker at a Thurston Moore solo gig, and my ears were whistling for days!
Me: (backs away slowly.)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is there a name for this phobia?

I wish i wasn't so terribly afraid of going to an ATM machine and checking how much money i actually have left.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Series III: Pictures of people taking pictures of people.

Rome, Via dei Fori Imperiali, 28 May 2006, 12AM approx.

Later that night:

(Rome, Centrale Del Tennis, 12PM Approx.)

Friday, June 02, 2006

A small eternity with Joe Travers.

We had a chance to meet Mr. Joe Travers, vaultmeister and drummer extraordinaire - also known as The Man With The Coolest Job In The World - outside Rome's Centrale Del Tennis, after another successful Zappa Plays Zappa gig, and ask him a quick question.

Me: Hi Joe, loved the concert! Just a quick question: So, what's next in the Saga?
Him: Ah, nothing at the moment, but when i go back from tour i've got about three different working ideas right now on some certain things so, well, we'll see what happens. Probably a concert release and then we're getting ready for two things. We're working on two CDs and then we're also working on the fortieth anniversary release boxset for...(looks me in the eye) something i can't tell you about!
Me: I can just do the math, c'mon. Forty years...
Him: Exactly.
Me: ...OH!
Him: Well there you are! So, gotta go.
Me: Thanks for the talk!
Him: Seeya!

Courtesy of evaristo, boy reporter.

Napo meets Gnàpo

after Fréngo plays Fréngo, Rome, 28 May 2006
The new Marx Brothers: Evaristo, Napoleone Murpo Brocco, Gnapppo.

Welcome back to me.

Ok, this blog will soon see new content. Some of it even today. We've got an interview or two, reviews, news, and maybe even a couple of photoseries if i feel like posting them.
But first, i shower. Cheers.